Friday, March 13, 2009

Think I'm turning Country

Is it a good look for me? I don't know. I would secretly like to introduce the stetson to Cardiff, if only in the vain hope to run out of town this Pete Doherty cockney-urchin look-a-like craze that's sweeping the nation's youth. Anyway, Lyryn's place has a bar, and in this bar are many liquors. Being a manly-man I stuck to unmixed whiskey and vodka. This borrowed look was the result, though the shirt and rather nice brogues are mine. Wish I had the pump-action shotgun though. You realise how vulnerable we are to zombie attack in the UK, right? I mean, there's only so many cricket bats to go around. Music of the night was Gorillaz, Decemberists, Travelling Willberrys, Violent Femmes and British Sea Power. Why aren't we all listening to country here? I'm confused.

It's Todd's coat by the way - he's way taller than me, which is why I've sort of a David Byrne 'Big Suit' look going on. Nice and warm coat all the same.

Earlier the same evening I'd been to see a one woman play called Joanna's Body. It was a black comedy about cancer, and pretty near the knuckle. It was however affirming and truthful, and although some of the jokes didn't come off quite as well as the playwright would think, the performance of the actress who played Joanna was awe-inspiring. She played each body part and organ - all of them offering up their thoughts and feelings in the struggle against the invasion - and Joanna herself with a mix of humour, pathos, anger and - well, pretty much every emotion going. Her performance of the cancer cells was a highlight, anthropromorphised as louche evil French squatters. The female cancer at the start was worryingly sexy in its sneery, curvey, strike-a-pose cruelty. Good stuff with a punchy ending and a tight narrative - if a little frightening at times.

We finished off with a bit of a Spaced marathon, watching five episodes of series 1. They all thought it was jolly good, which pleased me muchly.

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