Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mad Weather

Snow. For a brief time there was lots of it. The weather here is crazy, one day it's roasting hot with a cloudless sky, the next flurries of cold white goo are drifting down from the sky. Since Harley looks something like a husky and loves bounding about in the frozen stuff, I cynically used him and the inclement weather as an excuse for yet more photographs.

Yes, yes - I know. More wolf-dog, but look at him! Anyway, as soon as the snow settled it began to melt once more, the sun sweltered through the layers of gray cloud and sheets of water spilled from the roof tops as the snow receded. Very soon there was little left but a few miniature flurries tucked away here and there. Apparently it's like this all the time here, roasting one minute and freezing the next. Must make picnics pretty hard to plan.

Late that afternoon as evening closed in and I headed back down to Drake Park. You can make out just a little snow left, and nearly all the cloud had deserted the sky. It is an image I rather like, the strangeness of the sky against a curiously menacing pond. Danger! Deep Water, kids. Don't wait for Donald Pleasance to turn up in a hooded cloak.

Later I'm off to Virginia City, where on Saturday there promises to be a foot and a half of snow. Crikey, eh? Glad I brought my jumper and thermals. (Note to American readers, a jumper in the UK is what you call a sweater, and not the lady's jumpsuit noted in your own twisted vocabulary. That was an embarrassing trip to the shop when I asked if I could try one on in the fitting room, I tell you.)

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