Friday, March 13, 2009

Harley White-Hawk

Todd has a completely awesome wolf called Harley White-Hawk. He used to be owned by a pair of fairly negligent hippies, and although not pure wolf - being a shade malamute - he is fecking big and with a beautiful tawny pelt and white fangs. Harley is friendly, leaves hair everywhere, pretty effectively blanketing my nice black coat. He also led to the quote of the day:

"Aw, Harley and his bull-cock."

"Yeah, he's still gnawing on it."

Yeah, while in the UK we have butcher's bones for the dogs, over here they have two foot long bull-penises. They look like withered brown sticks. I try not to get within a few feet of them. I try not to think of Harley's enthusiastic sucking and chewing on these when he licks my face and nuzzles my crotch.

Apparently he hates bees and tries to eat them. He also can't catch for toffee.

Harley's the main reason why deer won't show up outside our door, unlike other houses, thus ruining an exciting photo op. But why moan when you can get cool wolfy photos, eh?

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